Topic: Boko Haram

Subject:Political science

Volume: 10 pages

Type: research paper

Format: APA


Write a research paper. Reporting a case study. This paper will engage a case study of significant conflict. 1) Describe in detail the nature of the conflict, the parties and their interests, and their pre-existing relationships between the parties, and effort to resolve the conflict. What is the current status of the conflict. 2) Using the materials, we studied in the class: o Armstrong global distributive justice chapter 1 and 2.pdf o Building a culture of peace: some priorities Elise Boulding o Brian Barry Humanity and Justice.pdf o Fidel Castro, South Summit.pdf o Aime Cesaire Discourse on Colonialism.pdf o „‘The evil scourge of terrorism’: reality, construction, remedy. Erich Fromm Lecture 2010.“ First published in: Fromm Forum (English Edition – ISBN 1437-1189) 14 / 2010, Tuebingen (Selbstverlag) 2010, pp. 27-34 o How Terrorism Ends, understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist campaigns o Audrey Kurth Cronin o Galtung, Peace by Peaceful Means.pdf o Selected Writings of MAHATMA GANDHI Selected and introduced by RONALD DUNCAN 3) proposed your approach to the situation. The paper should not be less than 10 pages and conform to the proper standards: o Page 1 begins with the first page of the text. o APA is acceptable o No general or encyclopedia are to be cited o The paper shall utilize a minimum of four text aside from the required course texts. o In order to count as such a text, the material most be either a peer-reviewed journal article or book that can be found in hard copy on a library shelf.

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