Topic: Civil Rights


Volume: 1 page

Type: .Essay

Format: APA


To prepare for this Assignment: Watch the video and/or read the transcript of the “I Have A Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered August 28, 1963. Consider Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. How does the American government ensure civil liberties or civil rights for minority or special interest groups? How might an amendment ensure the validity and equality of a minority or special interest group? Choose a civil rights issue in current American society. Choose a minority group that still has unresolved civil rights issues. Research sources within the Walden Library regarding abuses of civil rights. Write a 1 – 2-page paper analyzing the civil rights movement and its effect on civil rights in the United States today. Be sure to include the following: Briefly describe whose civil rights Martin Luther King Jr. was working to promote and protect. Identify two of the tactics that Dr. King used to promote civil rights. Identify one group or issue in American society where the need to promote civil rights is still relevant. Give a brief explanation of the discrimination that you believe still exists with respect to this issue or group.

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