Topic: Cost of Raising a Child Project and Food Comparison Unit Pricing Project


Volume: 2 pages

Format: APA

Type: Research Paper


Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Assess the economic factors that impact family food needs. Identify sources of groceries and cost differences between different sources. Examine how food shopping practices affect individual and family nutrition and well-being. Course Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: GEL-1.2: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. Assignment 1: Cost of Raising a Child Project Instructions: Go to the Following Web Link: Answer questions 1–5 and then click on “Calculate.” For question #2, indicate “Yes” for single parent. In a Microsoft® Word® document, provide the screen shot of what the results indicated. File located in Course Documents, “HW320 Unit 3 Additional Instructions,” provides screen shot examples. Then, answer the following questions in a Word document: As a single parent earning on a limited income, how can you stretch your grocery dollar to plan nutritious meals for you and your children? Would you seek the assistance of federal programs? Your paper should be at least 1 page in length. Follow APA format and be certain to include a separate reference page. Assignment 2: Food Comparison and Unit Pricing Project Instructions: Review Williams’ Chapter 10, pp. 224–229 and the example provided by the White Plains, NY Department of Consumer Protection Information in this week’s Lesson (PDF) titled “Getting the Most for Your Food Dollar,” available under the Unit 3 reading. Go to your local grocery store. Using unit pricing, compare the cost per serving of eight different ready-to-eat cereals: two sugar coated cereals, two granola cereals, two whole grain cereals, and two cereals advertised as meeting 100% of the DRIs. Which is the most expensive per serving, and which is the least expensive per serving? Which cereal seems to provide the best nutritional value for the money? (200–300 words) Explain why. Prepare the Food Comparison and Unit Pricing Project in a Microsoft Word document.

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