Topic: Is it Compound or Simple?


Volume:5 pages

Type: Case study

Format: APA


Overview – describe the content and context of the case study and background information. Content – brief description of case information. Context – brief description of circumstances that resulted in the medical problem. When describing the content and context, the student should identify and discuss major problems of the case. Background – research information about the clinical problem. Question analysis – Answer each question completely. Supply rationales for each answer and cite material when applicable. Conclusion – in this area students should summarize possible medical exams and/or treatments that could improve the patients’ health. Give your opinion of the case when writing this area. Areas to consider Could this case have been misdiagnosed by conflicting information? What would you have done differently if placed in charge of this patient in this particular clinical case? If you were responsible for the outcome, how would you go about treating this case more efficiently? References – this area should contain all references used in the case study. References must be written using proper APA format.

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