Topic: Leviathan Hobbes’philosophy


Volume: 1 page

Type: Question and answers

Format: MLA


1. What does the Leviathan represent in Hobbes’ philosophy? Why does Hobbes use this analogy?
2. Hobbes begins his study with introspection of the individual human. Why does do he start here? How does he justify this approach?
3. What does Hobbes identify as the “decaying sense”? Why is Hobbes focusing on this capacity in a human?
4. Hobbes claims that human beings are equal in mind and body. How is this so? How does he argue that we are the same?
5. In Chapter 13, what additional argument (or “proof”) does Hobbes give to justify his claim that humans are selfish and self-motivated. What do you make of this argument? Do you agree or disagree with Hobbes? Explain.

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