Topic: Librarian database research Obtain information from external and networked sources


Volume:3 pages

Type: Course work

Format: Harvard


For the scenario provided below. Conduct your research to satisfy the requirements of the scenario and each task. Scenario You are working as a Library Technician at the Azure Beach Public Library (ABPL). A library patron has requested the two (2) items below. If these items are not available or have no holdings you may select two other similar items eg one (1) fiction book and one (1) resource about libraries. Tales from Martha B. Rabbit by Shirley Barber To buy or to borrow: studies of the impact of interlibrary loan on collection development in the academic library by F. K. Rottmann in Journal of interlibrary loan and information supply, vol.1 1991 pg 18. Task Complete the short answer questions in Event 2 based on the information provided.

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