Topic: Managed Care

Subject:Health care

Type: Essay

Volume: 6 pages

Format: Other


Answer three (3). Fully justify your answers while at the same time being specific and concise. Must not exceed six (6) double-spaced, typed pages.
First page will start with the students name and the first question 2 pages, per question.

1. Discuss the importance of information technology in both the clinical and administrative areas of managed care. Identify several barriers to managed care achieving maximum benefit from the technology.

2. Managing the utilization of health care services is key to the survival of managed care organizations. Define and discuss at least two major methods managed care organizations undertake to manage the utilization of health services. Which one do you believe to be most effective and why?

3. In a managed care environment, providers complain about reduced reimbursement, reduced autonomy, etc., yet like the “guaranteed” income, patient base, etc. Employers complain about the lack of choice for their employees, yet like the lower health insurance premiums. Patients complain about restrictions on care, the need for referrals, etc., yet like the limited co-pays, minimum, if any, claims process, etc. Can managed care resolve these conflicting opinions? If so, what must it do? If not, why not?

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