Topic: Self assessment (leadership style)


Volume: 5 pages

Format: APA


Introduction of Topic Accurately introduces topic of discussion in an organized and well-detailed manner. Critical Analysis – Assessment Utilizing Standardized Tools Accurately and in detail, analyzes personal preferred leadership style, potential for leadership, decision-making, problem-solving style, ability to set priorities, delegation and communication skills: assertiveness, written, verbal, non-verbal, technical, and conflict resolution style Critical Analysis – Areas of Strength and Areas for Improvement Accurately and in detail, identifies a minimum of two areas of strength and two areas that need improvement to enhance nursing leadership abilities. Personal Action Plan Provides detailed plan of action for each identified area needing improvement, and explains why improvement in these areas is crucial for a nurse leader. Summary Summary is detailed and accurate; content reflects significant depth and insight into topic Format Paper is up to 6 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages); APA format 100% accurate; no spelling errors

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