Topic Special Needs


Volume: 4 pages

Type: Essay

Format: APA


4. Special Needs: Describe any experiences you may have had with children with identified special needs. What referral services are available if you are concerned that a child in your classroom may have a disability? 5. Child Abuse and Neglect: List at least three signs to recognize each of the following: Sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional maltreatment, and neglect. What is your legal responsibility in regards to reporting child abuse/neglect? Where and how will you make the report? 6. Family Involvement: Discuss at least six strategies for involving families in programs. Describe any experiences you may have had with family conferences, as a teacher, or parent. If you had to plan for a family/teacher conference, how will you make a family conference successful? What strategies would you use in planning a family conference with non-English speakers? 7. Program Standards: What are the licensing standards for child care in Florida? How do NAEYC standards differ from DCF licensing standards? What is the difference between DCF licensing ratios and NAEYC ratios?

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