Topic: Write concert reports about the music.

Subject: Music

Volume: 4 pages

Type: Essay

format: MLA


At the concert: You will probably find it helpful to take a few notes during the concert. If there is no printed program, you will also need to make a list of the pieces played. How to prepare your report: Double space. Using 12 point font. Include your name, and Concert Report No. (1, 2, or 3) at the top of page 1. Include a list of works performed (you may copy this list from the printed program if one is available). Check your spelling and use your best writing style. Your report should include, but need not be limited to, the following information: An introductory paragraph including: Date, time, and place of concert (Must be in California, and around San Diego area) Name and type of performer(s) Size of ensembles Type of music: choral, band, orchestra, musical opera, singer, jazz band, variety, etc. Background on the composers and/or musicians as is appropriate. Length of pieces played (many short pieces or a few long ones?) Behavior, dress, and demeanor (formal, informal, etc.) of both the performers and the audience Anything unusual or striking about the setting or stage arrangement. (Note: Do not get carried away describing setting, dress, behavior, etc. Focus on the music itself.) Titles and composers: Focus on a few of the pieces or songs that you heard and give your review. You may want to include some of the following information along with your opinions. What media? What kinds of singers were involved? Was the music fast or slow? Loud or soft? Were the dynamics steady or changing? What was the dynamic range? Were there any solos? Long or short? Any featured instruments or groups? Any melodies, themes, or sections that were repeated? Relative consonance or dissonance? Most prominent thing about the piece? Your reaction to the piece? What was your general reaction to the performance? What did you hear? What did you like or dislike about the music played? Did the performers seem to do a good job? Was the performance different from what you expected? If so, how? What information would be helpful to someone going to a similar concert? Here is the link for more information about concerts: (Note: Four full pages without the titles and the MLA headings and you need to attend 4 different concerts and one page for one concert.)

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