Topic:Aggression and society


Volume: 7 pages

Type: Essay

Format: MLA



This assignment ask you to conduct research and write an essay on our course theme: aggression and society. You are required to use at least 7 sources to construct your research paper, and 5 of these 7 sources must be academic ( peer-reviewed articles or books published by academic presses). Of course, you can include more than 7 sources.

There are number of different expression of aggression and society you might research and write about. This could include:
-aggression in sport
-aggression in entertainment
-aggression in politics
Aggression in social media

Part of your goal in this assignment is to decide on a suitable and narrow topic for your research paper. This will require some brainstorming and initial research to narrow your focus, whether you are using on of the suggestions above or an idea of your own . Keep in mind that your research paper needs to make an argument about your topic.

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