Topic:Analysis and Evaluation of 2 social media campaigns or products for 2 businesses.


Volume: 6 pages

Format: Harvard

Type: Essay


Analysis and Evaluation the products for 2 businesses. Prepare a report evaluating how organisations introduce new products or campaigns using social networking platforms. Illustrate your discussions with at least two product examples from two different companies (four in total) • You are required first and foremost to understand the nature of the businesses you have selected • Identify the current social activities of the organisations (this can be done by visiting social profiles and pages or by using social networking tools such as e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Instagram. etc.) • Present products or campaigns introduced into the market place using social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap chat and others and analyse the effectiveness of their practices. • Evaluate the effectiveness of the practices of the organisations. This should lead you to create an overall summary of the best practices that organisations can use to introduce new products and services into the market place

Report Structure.
1. Introduction- Provide a brief paragraph outlining what your assignment will cover and your rationale for covering these organizations and products (the report should be written in the third person).

2. Main Findings and Analysis- Research & analysis: Your research and analysis on the two selected organizations will help you to illustrate key social activities used and managed by these organizations. These activities will focus on social network use including promotional materials, customer support and engagement, and updates on new products and services. Evaluative comments on the specific approaches that companies are using on social networking sites to start conversations, engage and then build personal connections with users are essential. These must be clear and well-defined summaries that are supported with discussions and justifications on effective approaches that companies have used to promote products and services

3. Conclusions- A short conclusion and recommendations if appropriate.

4. References and bibliography- You must reference all sources using Harvard Referencing.

5. Reference Sources- You are expected to use credible and up to date reference sources about Social Networking throughout, to provide evidence for your discussion in terms of practical examples of good (And possibly poor) practices and provide a theoretical underpinning for your analysis and evaluation
No appendices required.

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