Topic:“Anti-Federalist Essay


Volume: 2 pages

Type: Question and answer

Format: MLA


Winthrop, James, “Anti-Federalist Essay,” pg. 211 in Give Me Liberty 1. According to the author what do the “ablest writers” say about governing an “extensive empire?” (Put this in your own words) 2. What does the author say about “Large and consolidated empires?” Are they good, bad, etc? 3. In the second paragraph what does the author seem to think about a universal law code – meaning laws that apply to every state? 4. What does the author think of local laws? Who should create them? 5. Why does the author think a Bill of Rights is needed in any constitution? Hamilton, Alexander, “Federalist Papers” (Found on D2L) 6. In Federalist 23 what does Hamilton say is the main advantage to creating a Union? (Put this in your own words) 7. Why does Hamilton say we should not limit what the government can do? 8. According to Hamilton “it has been many times truly remarked” that a bill of rights is an agreement between whom? Why does this make a Bill of Rights unfit for the U.S? 9. In your own words why does Hamilton think a Bill of Rights would be dangerous to the Constitution? 10. Put yourself in the shoes of the average person living in the United States – you have lived under the control of the British Empire all of your life. Which of these two arguments do you agree with? Why?

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