Topic:Application paper


Volume: 7 pages

Type: Essay

Format: APA


Write a paper using the Application Paper outline. This is the only paper which includes your interpretations, opinions, and/or explanations of what you observed and the information you gathered in regards to the child. Explain your points clearly. The following sections are required and each heading is to be presented within the paper. I. Observation Summary (Maximum of one paragraph) Briefly and objectively summarize the Observation of the individual. II. Topics Summary (Maximum of one paragraph for each topic) Briefly and objectively summarize the Topics. Each of the topics should be separated with a heading. III. Apply the course material (Maximum of three pages) Use specific information from the Topic Paper to explain how it applies to the child from what you found out as presented in the Observation Paper. Compare and contrast from the Topic Paper for all the topics for the individual you observed. IV. Opinions and Conclusions (Maximum of three pages) Conclude by indicating your reactions, thoughts, and opinions about what you experienced and discovered. Specifically apply them to the individual you wrote about. Include any disagreement you have with any of the research in its application to the individual. Specifically support your points. Indicate what you learned.

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