Topic:Argumentative essay


Type: Essay

Volume: 4 pages



The student will write an argumentative APA style research essay. The body of which will be typed, double spaced, 3-5 pages (min-max) of written body, demonstrating mastery of the skills necessary to writing an argument-based, research paper with proper citations. Full paper with title page, body and annotated reference list may be closer to 5-8 pages. It will be submitted in on the due date in electronic format. Topic: The paper must focus on a topic in education that has academic articles. Library: This paper will be supported by scholarly literature and references from the library and online article databases. Usage: Students must reference at least 3 works from scholarly journal (print or on-line) articles and at least 1 book and 1 website. This paper will have a minimum of 5 different academic references. You may use other non-academic sources (newspaper, magazine, websites) above and beyond the minimums. Scholarly The writer should use the APA style of formatting and referencing. Reporting: Students must demonstrate appropriate in-text referencing and a thorough command of quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing techniques. An annotated reference list will also be required (One line explanation about why you chose each source). Formatting: The final product will include: a) title page (formatted to APA requirements) b) introduction with background, identifiable topic and thesis statement c) body with evidence of at least 1 quote, 1 paraphrase and 1 summary d) organized conclusion e) annotated reference list.

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