Topic:Bartleby ( Melville)


volume: 1 page


Format: MLA


This essay ( supposed to be a presentation as well) is about Bartleby, ( Melville) the questions to focus on presentation – who is Bartleby in 2018, who Bartleby represents in 2018, – pay attention every time the word “screen” appears in the text. – you must 2 QUOTES from the text. All Quootes must be 4-5 sentences in length. -you need to have 4-5 sentences after each quote quote to explain what you believ the passage is saying, in addition what it means to your thesis. – you need at least ONE Quote from a writer of your cultural Background and connect this Quote with the work of Melville and explain why these quotes are related to each other, just explain what you understood The cultural background quote also needs to be 4-5 sentences with the same length explanation. Quote #3 – Choose any scholarly source (4-5 sentences) and connect it to the story of Bartleby.

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