Topic:Comparative Literature


Volume: 6 pages

Format: APA


Read Voltaire’s Candide (pgs. 100-159) “ENG302 Comparative Literature” 9780393919615 (ISBN-13) The Norton Anthology of World Literature (Vol. 2), 3rd ed. 1- In a 12 point Times New Roman double spaced document, please select a story or play to analyze or choose two works to compare and contrast. In this paper, please address the following: A) What are the most important themes that play out in the works that you have selected? B) What is the style of writing and story-telling within these works? If this is play, how does this inform the reader’s interpretation? A play is very different from a story in terms of narrative style. C) What is the social context and historical time period within the story and what is the significance? D) What distinguishes these works from others in the time period? (If relevant) Your paper must be in APA format with 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced. The paper must include at least two references, outside of the text book. The paper must be a minimum of 4-5 pages in length. The reference and title pages do not count towards the page limit. 2- Make a clear, concise outline for your midterm paper! It should be a page or longer, and it should include your thesis statement, some of the quotes you will use from your outside sources, and a rough order of your key topics you will cover in your essay. 3- post your thoughts on the readings for this week. Your thoughts on what stood out to you in this week’s readings. How did character, plotting, theme, point of view, or setting enhance the stories you read?

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