Topic:Compare and contrast your personal views about the famous philosopher Plato


Volume: 10 pages

Type: Term paper

Format: Turaban


This Reflection Essay is to be a critical evaluation of the views of one major philosopher The paper will set out a carefully argued paper in which the writer will compare and contrast their own personal views on philosophy with platos philosophy or movements”. This process of comparison and contrast will require the writer to explain how their views differ from, or are similar to, the views of the selected philosopher. The essay will be no less than 3000 words and no more than 5000 words. 2750 words will be fine Extra credit will be given to those essays which correctly cite the chosen philosopher’s responses to each question (original sources means a source which sets out the text of the philosopher’s answers to each question – no citation from the original texts included in the class textbook will meet this requirement). DONT USE THE TEXTBOOK ” THE GREAT CONVERSATION”-BY NORMAN MELCHERT AS A SOURCE MUST USE BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR WORKS CITED PAGE

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