Topic:Controversial issues of adult development


Volume: 4 pages

Type: Argumentative Essay

Format: APA


Prepare your arguments for an in-depth paper on the controversial issues of adult development. Students will write research based paper on two opposing arguments (the pros or cons of a topic assigned to them. Your arguments MUST be informed by research and cannot rely solely on personal beliefs or feelings. The length of the paper will be 4 to 6 pages. Additional information about the paper will be provided in class. Topic areas include: 1) What are the pros and cons of being a single parent? 2) What are the pros and cons of singlehood? 3) Should assisted suicide be permitted in the United States? 4) What are the arguments in support of or against gay marriage? 5) Should driver’s licenses be issued to senior citizens? In preparing for the paper, students can use both assigned readings and seek additional readings as necessary. Each student has to conduct research on their topic areas and review the literature that they use for their paper. Make sure to check the list of “approved” sources before writing your paper. For this assignment, each student will use a minimum of seven references. Students should use articles, books, and government sources for their references. No more than a third of your references should rely on Internet sources. All references should be written in APA format. Your grade will be based on your ability to communicate your ideas effectively and how well you use existing research to bolster your claims. However, your grade will not be influenced on whether you agree or disagree

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