Topic:Data Mining in reference to computer security and database management

Subject:Computer science

Volume: 8 pages

Type: Essay

Format: APA


Use APA (American Psychological Association) style for all parts of the paper (body and references). Use primarily your own words and ideas in the concept statement, proposal, and final paper, but in the final version of the paper also include paraphrased ideas or verbatim passages from other sources that will help you support or illustrate your ideas. Be sure to cite your sources any time you use paraphrases or verbatim quotes, and put quotation marks around verbatim text. All sources must be properly cited within the body of the paper and properly documented on the References page. Approximately one or two reference citations per page, at least five of your references must come from professional journals (online or hard copy), and the rest may be taken from monographs (books), reputable Web resources, and vendor publications and websites. Wikipedia and other wikis may not be used as references, but they can be good sources for other legitimate references. Include a References list after the body of the paper, using APA format for the list entries and the parenthetical citations of references in the body text. Please use recent references within the last 5 years if possible.

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