Topic:Deborah Tannen book


Volume: 4 pages

Format: MLA

Type: Essay


Communication: Exploring How We Use It and How It’s Evolving In the last several weeks we have read and explored the communication concepts discussed by Deborah Tannen in her book That’s Not What I Meant! How Conversational Style Makes or Break Relationships. We have also discussed how both the modes we use to communicate and our understanding of communication is evolving with the help of the articles “Face Time vs. Screen Time: The Technological Impact on Communication” by Chandra Johnson and “Is Texting Ruining the Art of Conversation? Fear We Are Losing Ability to Have Traditional Face-to-face Conversations” by The Associated Press. Now it will be your task to further explore these ideas. For our second essay, we will write a supported argument that evaluates the validity of some of Deborah Tannen’s theories of communication in light of how communication is changing through the use of technology. You will need to select one chapter from Tannen’s book to analyze more closely. Which of Tannen’s concepts within that chapter have changed or become invalid due to technology’s advancements? Will any of those chapter’s concepts likely remain unchanged? What predictions can be made about the future of our communication skills and methods in the future? In your essay it will be expected that you will include not only a general discussion of the chapter you are exploring, but that you will take the time to investigate some of that chapter’s specific concepts in detail. You will also need to include direct quotations and evidence from not only Tannen’s book, but also from at least one of the two articles we read on communication and technology. If you wish to further research how technology affects communication, then you may incorporate one more credible online source, but only after you have “okayed” the source with me. Essay Specifics: Your essay must • Be at least 4 ½ -5double-spaced pages(1350-1500 words) • Use standard MLA formatting for in-text citation, general formatting and a Works Cited page. • Include at least 5 quotes overall comprised of quotes from Tannen’s book and at least one of the articles we read. • Have an introduction and an argumentative thesis • Have body paragraphs with clear structure including a strong topic sentence, examples, analysis, and transitions. • Have few punctuation, grammatical and sentence combining errors. • A conclusion Please include 5 quotes from the book!

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