Topic:Disruptive of Narrative( WInter’s Night Travelle)


Volume: 13 pages

Type: Research paper

Format: MLA


The book that will be analyzed is “On A WInter’s Night Traveller” by Italo Calvino. Find a passage for post modern reason. Look for PEER REVIEWED articles/essays that have to do with the topic. 7-10 secondary sources. Secondary sources are used as literary critics. what it should include, and what it should


In the first paragraph (Thesis Paragraph):
1. Thesis statement that indicates a broad view of the main argument you make in your paper
2. A presentation of the points you will make in support of this thesis statement.
3. A summation of the research you have done, naming the authors of your secondary sources. Ideally, you present a consensus of your research and indicate how your paper will enter into that conversation. How do you agree with your secondary sources, and where do you diverge? What new argument do you bring to that conversation?
4. Your conclusion.
The first paragraph should be a blueprint for your essay. I should be able to look at your first paragraph and see, instantly, what you are arguing, what your research indicates, what your supporting points will be, and what your conclusions are.

Each paragraph in the body must:
1. Have a supporting point expressed as its topic.
2. Have at least one quote to illustrate your expressed supporting point.
3. Provide a discussion of that quote, both to introduce that quote and to follow it.
4. All quotes must be properly documented according to MLA or APA style. See Molloy’s homepage for on on-line style guide including the MLA and APA guidelines.
5. Relate the supporting point, in some discernible way, to the thesis statement in Thesis Paragraph.

Your concluding paragraph
1. Must not start with “In conclusion.”
2. Must tell me what you have accomplished during the course of the paper. What new insights has reading the paper brought to the reader?
3. Must NOT simply be a repetition of Thesis Paragraph.
4. Must not present any new argument that has not already been discussed in the body.

Stylistic and formal points:
1. Do not generalize about life, the world, the universe, and everything. Everything you say must be related directly either to the primary or the secondary sources.
2. Do not summarize plot. Instead of re-telling me the events of a poem or a story, explain how your quoted material relates either to your thesis or to your secondary source material.
3. Do not use contractions.
4. Check for proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
5. Include at least five secondary sources in your Works Cited page (MLA or APA style). Any Internet sources must be approved by me. You need not indicate whether you used EBSCO, MLA Bib, etc.
6. The Works Cited list does not count as one of the [however many] pages of your essay.
7. After the first mention of an author’s or character’s name, refer to him or her by last name, only.
8. Cross out “I think,” “I feel,” “I believe,” “In my opinion,” and “It seems to me.” Your writing will be much more assertive and direct. You will be saying the same thing, only stronger.
9. 12 point font, New Times Roman, 1” margins. Double-spaced.
10. Block indent quotes of more than three lines. Double-space.

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