Topic:Domestic Violence In Washington DC

Subject:Criminal law

Volume: 8 pages

Type: Research paper

Format: APA


Criminal Justice Domestic Violence In Washington DC Statistics Applied to the Social Sciences (Written work will be between 10 pages, APA style) 1) Descriptive title of the project 2) Introduction a) What theme did you select? b) Why did you select this topic? 3) Literature review a) Using the available literature, talk in general about the topic you selected. You can include data on the topic you chose for other counties, states or countries. 4) METHODOLOGY a) Identification of the variables. b) Data source 5) Profile a) Frequency distribution tables, graphs and any data that describes the population that you selected. b) It should also include measures of central tendency, variation, etc. or any other measure discussed during the course. In addition, you should discuss the most important data of each variable. 6) Conclusion 7) BIBLIOGRAPHY

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