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The prominent economist Alfred Marshall has been quoted as saying, “Economics is a study of men as they live and move and think in the ordinary business of life.” Mr. Marshall’s quote eloquently demonstrates economics as the science of decision making. Economics relies heavily on abstract concepts and mathematical analysis, which many students find particularly difficult to master. As a result, students are often intimidated rather than stimulated by learning economics.You can use films to supplement textbook readings, homework and in-class lectures to help alleviate this issue. Movies are filled with action, mystery, drama, romance and … would you believe … economics? The economic film analysis allows students to review and ponder major economic topics by applying the principles to a film. STRUCTURE APA format, 5-7 pages in length (12 point font with one inch margins) to demonstrate mastery of key macro or micro economic topics as showcased through film. (See Film Analysis Handout) QUESTIONS to ANSWER  Define the three economic concepts that were prominently displayed in the movie?  How does scarcity, trade-offs, and opportunity cost affect characters’ decisions?  Can you personally identify with the three economic concepts?  What experiences have you had with these three economic concepts?  What were your three key learning as a result of watching the movie? APPROVED LIST OF MOVIES FOR VIEWING  Blow  In Time  Monsters Inc.  Schindler’s List  The Company Men  Jingle All the Way  Dirty Pretty Things  10,000 Black Men Named George  Bread & Roses  Norma Rae  The Pursuit of Happiness.

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