Topic:Empowerment Model


Type: Report

Volume: 3 pages

Format: APA


Review French and Raven’s Power Taxonomy and Kelman’s Power and Influence Outcomes on Table 13-3 located on page 331 of your textbook. Develop an Empowerment Model for your organization. Write a 700-word summary of your model that includes the following: • Briefly summarize your findings on how nurses are empowered through the Magnet Recognition Program. • As a nurse leader, what could you do to help your organization to achieve Magnet designation? • What is the meaning of transformational leadership and why is this form of leadership appropriate for the field of health care? • What is relationship between transformational leadership and an empowered workplace? • Identify strategies used by Magnet hospitals that promote the interrelationship between leadership, excellence, and professional integrity. Create a 4- to 6-slide presentation designed to persuade the CEO and the board members of your organization that obtaining Magnet recognition will empower nurses. Provide in-text citations and references for all sources cited in your paper and presentation, and format according to APA guidelines.

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