Topic:Ethical Issues in Health Care


Volume: 3 pages

Type: Essay

Format: Harvard


The essay should analyze a) Analyses the concept of ethics, values and belief systems in general, illustrating the relevance of ethics to the nursing profession in relation to a range of health care issues, e.g. for consent (use Victoria Gillick case study for contraception consent) , euthanasia (use Tony Nicklinson case study), abortion (use the 1967 Act), and b) explains and critically evaluates the impact that a nurse’s personal ethical framework could have on their professional role and responsibilities. Critical Analysis Select one specific ethical issue (abortion) and write a short critical analysis which: a) explains the key arguments in relation to this issue, and b) critically evaluates the moral and ethical dilemmas relating to this ethical issue which may face nurses in their professional practice. Maximum: 250 words must use websites from the UK.

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