Topic:Health Promotion campaign


Type: Essay

Volume: 4 pages

Format: Harvard


Task 1: The scenario for this assignment is that you have agreed to submit an article about health promotion to a student/nursing journal. The brief from the journal’s board is that your article should: a) Choose at least one current health campaign, and explain how this is a positive example of health promotion from the United Kingdom b) Using the campaign you have chosen, explain how it illustrates the purpose of health promotion, and how health promotion links to the current NHS framework in the U.K c) Analyse different social, cultural and societal issues affecting health promotion initiatives in the U.K. d) Evaluate the role of the media in relation to health promotion issues and campaigns in the U.K. In addition, the journal has asked you to produce a poster, which could be used as the cover of the journal issue in which your article will be published. The A4 poster should clearly illustrate the health promotion issue you have referred to in your article, and give examples of how the message to different groups and generations has changed over time. You have to present the poster to the board meeting, explaining the facts, theories and outcomes relating to your subject, and convincing them that your poster will encourage student learners to buy the journal and read your article. Assignment materials should only be from the United Kingdom.

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