Topic:How effectively did Argentina employ its Air Power during the Falklands Conflict of 1982?


Volume: 3 pages

Type: Essay

Format: Chicago


Suggested reading: Hobson – Falklands Air War Boyce – The Falklands War Word count between 1500 – 2000. 1.5 line spacing. 12-point Arial font. Paper Format: Other One reference per 100 words. References are to be as footnotes numbered serially throughout at the end of required sentence and appear at the bottom of related page. Main sources. These comprise academic books and journal articles and will form the basis of the research for your essay. At least six different Main sources must be used in your references to support your argument. Supporting sources. These may be websites from official organisations and scholarly institutions e.g. International Committee of the Red Cross, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Royal United Service Institute, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence or the United Nations. You may also use articles from newspapers or reputable online broadcast media, but as these are less scholarly they are to be used sparingly and a maximum of 4 are permitted.

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