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You will choose 12 – 20 items per chapter to place on your Time Line. You must also clearly indicate the following eras: Midterm Time Line: accompanied with a 500 word essay. you can use book; Gloria Fiero, Landmarks in Humanities, in either the 3rd OR the 4th edition. The Classical Age (this is an umbrella term for Ancient Greece and Rome combined) Early Middle Ages Late Middle Ages Italian Renaissance Northern Renaissance Don’t worry about specific dates of these eras, which are often disputed; no one’s project will be downgraded for saying that the Early Middle Ages started in 500 instead of 600 AD. But it would be a problem to leave out the Early Middle Ages or to show them occurring in the Classical Age, or after the Renaissance. Those are the major designations that must be shown either by a banner running above the time line, or by color-coding the individual items on the time line, or the time line itself. You must also place individual items on the time line itself. Your author Dr. Fiero has a time line at the end of every chapter. You can choose items from her time line, or other items from the chapter that you find interesting and consider important. You should select a variety of types of items — artworks, architecture, literature, sculpture, music, historical events, people — and include at least 12 items per chapter, and no more than 20. You do not need a lot of information about the items you place on the time line. Name and place for buildings, name and artist/writer for artworks and literature, name and very brief significance for historical events, are all you need. For example, at 800 AD you can put “Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor” but you don’t have to add what this signified. And don’t put birth or death dates as time line items; if a person is significant enough to be on your time line, then put what s/he is famous for (like Charlemagne above). complete: showing major movements and eras in the Western Time Line as well as a judicious selection of important /groundbreaking / representative artworks or artists (minimum of 84 items on the midterm time line, 72 on the final time line). – accurate: dates are correct, names of events/ movements /people are spelled correctly – aesthetically pleasing: whatever format is chosen, it clearly shows the progression through time and is easy to read; adding images will definitely help your grade. You don’t need citations for the images because you are not going to publish it anywhere; Important Info: – And accompanied by an essay that shows thoughtful engagement with the material. THE ESSAY: You must turn in a 500-word essay , in which you discuss what you learned from working on the project about the time period covered. Do not recap the text; this essay should not read like a condensed history lesson. It should be a personal reaction to the course material and the creation of the time line. I must be able to tell that you have worked with the course material and given it some thought. Feel free to discuss what surprised you, any insights you gained as a result, what questions it raised for you, eras/artworks that you found especially interesting or moving. You can compare what you’ve learned about the Western time line to another culture, or discuss how you would use your Time Line to explain the evolution of Western art to someone unfamiliar with it.

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