Topic:Impact Counselling on Suicidal thoughts

Volume: 4 pages

Type: Literature

Format: Harvard

WHAT METHODS SUPPORT PEOPLE WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. 1. Collate Information from a range of sources, and across methodologies relating to specific topic. 2. Assess the value of specific pieces of published research, paying particular attention to issues of reliability, transferability, validity and ethics, (using the British Association for Counsellors and Phsycotherapy code of ethics) 3. Describe areas where research has produced specific implications for practice whether this be faciliative, or where research is lacking. 4. Produce a liturature review, in accrodance with academic conventions, which offers an objective overview of research around topic in question. References to be taken from published journals 2008 – 2018 From the BACP code of ethics Book Essential Research Findings in Counselling and Psychotherapy The Facts are Friendly Author Mick Cooper Book Doing Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy Author John McLeod 3rd edition.

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