Topic:Information Systems and Social Perspective( article review)


Volume: 4 pages

Type: ARticle review

Format: APA


A (write your answer under each question .

1. Chidambaram and Tung (2005):
a. Please comment on the experimental setting of the study? What were the differences in treatment between collocated and dispersed groups? (word limit: 250)
b. Please comment on the measures of group outcomes (i.e. quality of the final decision and group cohesiveness). (Word limit: 150)
c. Why did the authors choose PLS to test hypotheses? (Word limit: 100)

2. Kankanhalli, Tan, and Wei (2005):
a. Please comment on the research models shown in figures 1 and 2 of Kankanhalli, Tan, and Wei (2005). Do these models involve moderating variables? [Word limit: 300]
b. What did you learn about reliability and validity tests from this study? (Word limit: 150).
c. Why did the authors conduct regression analyses in two steps? (Word limit: 100)
d. Why did the authors conduct additional analyses using the control variables? (Word limit: 100).

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