Topic:Inside out movie


Volume: 2 pages

Type: Essay

Format: MLA


From the movie “inside out” write an essay developing paragraphs related to the movie using psychology concepts or terms. for example one paragraph -Describe, understanding, predicting, controlling another paragraph – identify human behavior. Alfred Alder with his terms: contact, power,protection,withdraw another paragraph – classical conditioning (Ivan Parlor) -operant conditioning or paragraph identifying- reinforcement -psycho social stages(Erick Erickson) -psycho sexual stages (Sigmund Freud) -Gestalt Organizing Principles -Constancies (brightness, shape, size) -basic stages of sleep according to psychology -how memory works according to psychology *choose at least 3-4 of this terms/ concepts from psychology, applying them to the movie “Inside out” developing a really well paragraph for each one you chose.

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