Topic:it is assignment on training and development human resource management

Subject:Human resource management

Volume: 2 pages

Format: MLA

Type: Course work


Instructions Read and complete the case “Training the Trainer at the Running Room” in Chapter 9 page 290 in your textbook. Answer the two questions, and submit to dropbox below. Questions: 1. What do you think about the train-the-trainer approach to training used at the Running Room? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 2. As the company grows and expands, do you think it will have ot change its’ approach to training and development? If so, how should it change? textbook- Training and Development Saks, A. & Haccoun, R.(2016) Managing Performance through Training and Development. 7th Edition. Nelson Canada Publishers. ISBN-10: 0176570292. Print Edition

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