Topic:Leader Development Plan


Volume: 2 pages

Type: Report

Format: APA


Now that you reviewed the various competencies required of a manager and of a leader, you should be able to identify which proficiencies will be needed for future nurse leaders entering the field. Create an improved Leader Development Plan that will include the skillsets and characteristics that a leader in today’s health care field needs to succeed. Consider the competencies discussed in the textbook that are essential for future nurse leaders. Write a 525-word summary of the Leader Development Plan incorporating the following: • Looking back at your Personal SWOT Analysis from Week 1, which competencies would you consider to be skills that should be included in the development plan? • The greater the depth of diversity in your organization will benefit the organization proportionately. Consider the cultural diversity of those entering the field now, how will you attract these candidates to your organization? Remember that what appeal to someone of one culture may not have any drawing power to someone from another culture. • What changes in nursing can broaden the appeal of new nurses entering the field? Consider differences in generations, culture, and skills. • Are there policies or regulations that keep people from even considering a career in nursing. For example, in today’s society it is common and increasingly acceptable for people to have tattoos, but there are regulations that bar a bedside nurse from having visible tattoos. How can these types of policies and regulations be addressed to come to a compromise? Provide in-text citations and references for all sources cited; format according to APA guidelines. will add a file for the SWOT to reference.

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