Topic:Literature and Art


Volume: 7 pages

Type: Essay

This assignment has different topics. literature and art. Here are the topics: 1. Write your interpretations about Proust’s Swan’s Way (what you felt and though when you read Swan’s way) 2. Write about length of language vs efficiency ( compare how different language are longer, shorter, more efficient in expressing yourself 3. Write about Proust AND physical memory- your interpretation of physical memory of the work ( please not this writing is not the same as writing #1) 4. pick a art of work from the Met museum that you think is the most beautiful and describe it colors, where did you, which floor …. what do you think when you look at the painting 5. Choose a painting from the Met museum – the most mnemonic and describe it 6. Choose a painting from the Met museum that reminds you of slow food or you can relate the painting to sow food 7.make a cultural trip ( wherever you want) and write about the event and picking art of work ( a sculpture, a painting ) write about that art of work ( whatever art work you chose from the vent to write about) 8. Write about happiness. What is happiness?

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