Topic:Live Performance Production

Subject:Theater studies

Volume: 5 pages

Type: Research paper

Format: Harvard


Research proposal (Graded)

1350 words (15% of total grade)
• This statement will describe your position within the project specifying the skills and learning that you will require.
• You will give a detailed overview of the specific responsibilities, duties and tasks that your position requires.
• Use terms of the theatre industry
• You will need to refer to at least four theatre industry and/or academic references.
• At least two of these references must come from the readings supplied.
• You should note and take action in response to the feedback given to you on this statement.

Some general points
• You can use the first person singular (I) if you wish.
• But it is important to then step back and support your statements with reference to industry/academic references
• Define key terms
• Each particular position will have its own specific details
• Be alert to process or processes. i.e. you might like to refer to the industry models that Glenn, Pete or Russell have outlined.
• Reference correctly i.e. for intext referencing author surname, year of publication and page number
• Include reference list
An example student proposal can be found in the uploaded files.

Please refer to the below as to what my role includes,
My starting role was Deputy Production Manager but however in the starting weeks of the production as the Production Manager is not yet in need of a deputy my role has now been changed and been titled as Assistant to Department Heads which includes assisting the following main heads (Managers);

– Production Manager

– Technical/Film Manager
o Assisting in green screen testing’s
o Projection mapping testing’s

– Front of House Manager
o Food and Beverages including alcohol
o Ticket booth
o On the night set up
o Finding first year lackeys to be helpers on the night

– Publicity and Marketing Manager
o Finding Sponsorships
o Fundraising ideas
 Karaoke nights
 Trivia nights etc.
o Social media pages
 Facebook
 Twitter
 Instagram
o Poster/E-Flyer/Ticket designs
o Promotional trailer?

– Stage Manager

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