Topic:Marketing Strategy


Volume: 4 pages

Type: Essay

Format: APA


Step 1: Mission
Redefine Lee’s Mission. Lee’s current mission is more of a product oriented mission
statement. For example, “We sell flowers” or “We make pizza.”
 Using the online library, write a brief summary about what constitutes a
strong market-oriented mission statement.
 Rewrite a marketing oriented mission statement for Lee’s business.
Step 2: Situation Analysis
 Describe methods that Lee could use to identify her internal strengths and
weaknesses information. Explain your response.
 Using the online library located in the Academic Tools area, conduct an
environmental scan and identify opportunities and threats to the
business. Examples could include competitive, technological, economical,
sociocultural, political, and legal forces.
 After completing your environmental scan or situation analysis,
identify Lee’s competitive advantage against her direct and nondirect
competitors in the city nearest to where you live. Ex. cost,
product, or niche
 Explain what advice would you give to Lee in her quest to build a
sustainable competitive advantage?
Step 3: Marketing Objectives
Set Marketing Plan Objectives for Lee’s.
 Identifies at least two S.M.A.R.T. goals (i.e., Specific, Measurable,
Achievable, Relevant and Time-bounded).
These first three parts of the paper should be a minimum of 2 pages and use APA
format and citation style.

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