Topic:Muscular and Skeletal Systems


Volume: 3 pages

Type: Essay

Format: APA


In the following case assignment you will prepare a two-part essay. Part I will explore the processes of endochondral versus intramembranous bone growth. Part I Provide a discussion of the normal anatomy of endochondral versus intramembranous bone growth. Describe the pathological (disease) processes involved in achondroplasia. Address the following question: Why do individuals with achondroplasia have a normal sized head, but abnormally proportioned limbs? NOTE: This assignment will require you to engage in independent research to learn about achondroplasia and bone growth and repair throughout life. Refer to your Background Reading section for this module where you will find resources to get you started. Part II will explore the physiological processes of muscle contraction and the sliding filament theory. Part II Describe normal anatomy/physiology of muscle contraction described by the sliding filament theory. Describe the utilization of ATP in this process. Use the following tutorials to write this section of your paper: Muscular System Events at the Neuromuscular Junction Excitation contraction coupling Cross Bridge Cycle Describe the difference between fast oxidative, slow oxidative, and fast glycolytic fibers. Address this question: What does training do to muscle? In other words, what is happening in the muscle when it grows in response to working out?

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