Topic:New Historical and Cultural Criticism


Type: Essay

Volume: 1 page

Format: APA


Textbook “Critical Theory Today A User-Friendly Guide” (3rd edition) I need 2-3 sentences per response 1. How come New Historical and Cultural Criticism are included within the same chapter? 2. What types of questions would a New Historicist ask of the civil war? (Going along with Tyson’s account of a New Historical reading of the Revolutionary War). 3. What do traditional historicists ask, and what do New Historicists ask when it comes to interpreting history? 4. Do New Historicists believe in facts? What do they believe in then? What is your opinion of this historical approach? 5. Finish this sentence… “All events, including everything from the creation of an art work, to a televised murder trial, to the persistence of or change in the condition of the poor…” and explain this concept using your own example. 6. Which French philosopher has strongly influenced the tenets of New Historicism? What did he do that make him such a powerful figure in the realm of this theory? 7. Why does Tyson choose to use the word “discourse” instead of ideology? 8. For new historical critics, what is the literary text’s purpose? 9. Explain Stephen Greenblatt’s theory of cultural criticism and literature. 10. Imagine a Structuralist, a Marxist, a Psychoanalytical Critic, and a Feminist were in a bar discussing contemporary American politics with their New Historicist instructor. Write up a short dialogue of the conversation that might take place .

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