volume: 5 pages

Type: Research paper

Format: APA


Give an example of the global community acting as a system (a complex adaptive network of systems) to address overpopulation. Your answer must answer all of the following questions and contain the following information: Describe overpopulation – What are the components of it? Why is it important? Who in the global community is affected by overpopulation and how? Describe the systemic response to overpopulation – Which parts of the global community (sub-systems, institutions, nations, organizations, individuals — don’t forget to address their interrelationships and perspectives) came together to address overpopulation? What was their process and outcomes (describe treaties, programs, forums related to issue)? Lastly, give your opinion of the process and/or outcomes thus far, and what the next steps should be (must be a minimum of 4 robust paragraphs to receive credit). Use systemic thinking .

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