Subject:Criminal justice

Volume: 5 pages

Type: Other

Format: MLA

Project topic: Prostitution. You can pick whatever topic you like to talk about prostitution, it
can be about prostitution in Canada, etc. Just be creative. Please read both of the parts before
starting this assignment.
This is not a formal essay (but kind of a mini essay) but there are two parts to it. Keep the
writing simple and easy to understand.
Part one:
Presenting your findings. There should be central thesis (argument) and subsequent research
to support your position. This material should be 5-6 paragraphs in length. There should also
be several “points to ponder”.
Project Requirements
Be creative
Develop a thesis (i.e. central theme,
question, or issue of focus)
Create clear introductions and conclusions for your topic
Synthesize your research clearly and present as a summary of your findings and
Develop effective and interesting questions for class (i.e. debate, information-giving, opinion
Be cohesive
Identify links between sub-topics
Part two:
you are required to submit an annotated bibliography on this project material. For this
assignment, you are required to read and summarize five academic articles (peer
reviewed). You should properly cite them using APA or MLA. All other sources for your
project should be subsequently and formally cited after the five summarizes with their
corresponding citations.
You must provide a direct link or scanned copy/screen shot or photo of the abstract/first page
of these sources.The annotated bibliography, citing the sources in APA format requires that a
brief (7 to 8 sentence) summary (in third person format) follow each citation, which describes
the main points, arguments, thesis, and conclusion of the resource.
A minimum of five academic (i.e. refereed) references are required to be summarized.
Even if you use less than five refereed sources for your project , you must nonetheless
individually acquire, read, and summarize no less than five academic sources on your
topic for the bibliography.
Online journals are acceptable but must be refereed. Non-academic sources such as
popular magazines, newspapers, videos, websites or personal interviews may be
referenced but will not be counted as part of the required five sources.
The additional sources should be listed (also in proper format but without a summary)
at the end of the annotated bibliography.

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