Topic:Quality and Safety in Patient Care


Type: Essay

Volume: 15 slides

Format: APA


Because the Joint Commission will be visiting your hospital, you have been asked to be prepared to make a presentation to the surveyors describing the root cause analysis that you conducted and the performance improvement plan that you developed. The Joint Commission will also want to know how you handled the patient’s needs. Using a minimum of 15-20 slides, develop a presentation that discusses the following: 1) Your root cause analysis a-) Identification of team members involved. The performance improvement (PI) plan. Incorporation of evidence-based practices in the PI cycle . Budget implications of incorporating the PI plan (staffing changes, training needs, etc.) 3) The nursing interventions communication and the sentinel event itself (patient preferences, values, and needs) 15 PowerPoint slides with notes. REFERENCES LESS THAN 5 YEARS.

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