Topic:Reflective account


Volume: 10 pages

Type: Essay

Format: Harvard


Assesement Guidance “The NMC requires nurses to revalidate and as part of this process to prepare written reflective accounts”. Prepare two critical reflections both of which must relate to the NMC Code and accountability. They should each be of similar length (1250 words each). It is not necessary to use a reflective model. Each reflection must be recorded using the template provided and must refer to either: • An instance of your learning and/or • A piece of practice-related feedback you have received and/or • An event or experience in your own professional practice As per the tool – Briefly outline the nature of the learning activity and/or practice-related feedback and/or event or experience in your practice. Consider what you learnt from the learning activity and/or feedback and/or event or experience in your practice with specific focus on issues of accountability. How did you change or improve your practice as a result? How is this relevant to the Code? The reflective analyses must be evidence based and appropriately referenced. Reflective essays use a combination of the first and third person for the writing approach. Specific guidance around the use of the template will be provided during class time. Contact for Queries Please contact the module tutor for your tutor group for further guidance and with any queries. Confidentiality/Anonymity Requirements

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