Topic:Research and Information Management-Are Facts Important


Volume: 1 page

Type: Essay

Format: MLA


Topic 1 Research and Information Management – Are facts important? Prepare your “Generating Questions” pages on the following: Research and Information Management a) What online resources are available to help you with your research? b) Why are reliable sources for information important? c) What is “fake or false news” and how can you tell? d) What is plagiarism and why should you avoid it? To help you get started research the following: RSCC Business: Research Guide – Research a full text article at the RSCC library on the topic “false news”. ( 4a07-4ed1-9ac5-d28fe65d351d %40sessionmgr4006&vid=0&hid=4114) A Finder’s Guide To Facts ( finders-guide-to-facts) How to Spot Fake News ( news/) RSCC Learning Center (

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