Topic:Technological Aspects of Medical Treatments & Assistance in the USA compared to other Countries

Subject:Health care

Volume: 3 pages

Type: Research paper

Format: Other



1 to 1.5 pages max on the ethical aspects of your topic. You may reference different ethical theories, but more than that, Focus on the possible ethical conflicts (pros and cons) are; what ethics must be considered on this subject? When reviewing ethical arguments you don’t have to look at the topic as a whole. Break it up into multiple parts and discuss the ethical component of each part. Even with a topic such as the performing of human experiments on prisoners of war in WWII, one can find both ethical and unethical components.

This is a list of at least 5 reputable references that you are using for the paper. No Wikipedia or fluff sources (please ask if you have a question on what an acceptable resource is). You don’t have to use all 5 in your final paper, but you should use at least 3 of them. Your sources must be listed as a works cited page.

A word about Wikipedia. It is an excellent resource, but is not a reference in itself which is why instructors won’t allow you to use it as such. It is however a quick and easy starting point to find other resources to use. As you read through a Wikipedia page you’ll notice that the information is tagged with numbers that correspond to the reference material that is listed at the end of the page.

2 to 3 pages max discussing the topic in depth, What factual information and first-hand(if you have it) personal experience have you found and how does that apply to the worlds current consideration of the issue. You may use your opinion and thoughts on what could be or needs to be changed, addressed, etc., and any personal experiences that could be applied

Part 1(use these headings centered and bold)
Your part 1 paragraphs and/or other forms of information transmission go here.

Part 2
Your part 2 paragraphs and/or other forms of information transmission go here.

Part 3
Your part 3 information goes here.

Part 4
Your part 4 paragraphs and/or other forms of information transmission go here.

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