Topic:The School Board Assignment

Subject:Human resource management

Volume: 3 pages

Type: Case study

Format: MLA


Textbook- Training and Development Saks, A. & Haccoun, R.(2016) Managing Performance through Training and Development. 7th Edition. Nelson Canada Publishers. ISBN-10: 0176570292. Print Edition Case study The School Board on pages 326-327 in the textbook and answer questions 1-5. Submit your answers to Dropbox folder below for grading. Questions: What are some of the reasons that Carlos’s training program did not transfer? Discuss some of the barriers to transfer that might be operating at the School Board. Who is responsible for these barriers and when do they occur during the training process? Describe some of the things that Carlos might have done before, during, and after the training program to improve the transfer of training. What could have the trainees and supervisors been asked to do before, during, and after training to improve transfer? Discuss the training transfer climate and the transfer system at the School Board. How might they have contributed to the transfer problem? What should Carlos do about the transfer problem at the School Board? What changes should he make next time he delivers a training program?

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