Transtheoretical Integration

Format MLA

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Assignment type : Essay


Purpose: To critically analyze how different modalities are applied in practice
through different case scenarios, use evidence-based research to support
trans theoretical skills, and provide reflections on the use of two treatment

student will watch 1 assigned video-clips on Kanopy website and write a reflection paper integrated with information of: 1) your
first reaction toward this case, 2) therapeutic approach, clinical skills and
social work values demonstrated by the worker, 3) nonverbal behaviors of the
client that the worker should pay attention to, 4) worker’s major strength and
weakness, and 5) skills to be used differently if you were the worker. Each
student must cite required reading materials PLUS at least one empirical
journal article related to the specific treatment modality to explain its
relevance to your reflection.
Video: Resolving Ambivalence in MI with Cathy Cole (Client #1 Jim; Client #2 Holly;
Client #3 Kathy, choose one out of three sessions) to talk about in your paper

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