U.S. Government Questions

Volume: 2 pages

Style: APA

Type : essay

Field: Government

1. What are executive orders and upon what powers are they based? Why are some executive orders controversial?
2. How does/doesn’t the president accomplish his legislative agenda?
3. What roles have first ladies served in the government? In your opinion, what is the appropriate level of power and monetary resources that should be granted to the presidential spouse?
4. How have presidential powers increased relative to congressional powers?
5. Why is the president the dominant force in foreign policy making? What has Congress done to assert its own role in this policy area? Do you think Congress should have an important role in it?
6. Describe an advantage for the president as budget initiator and priority setter.
7. Do you think President Obama has increased or decreased the power of the presidency in terms of setting domestic policy? What are some of the programs he implemented that sought to increase the power of the presidency in shaping domestic policy? Does Obama fit the model of an imperial president?

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