What did C. Wright Mills meant by the power elite?

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Assignment type : Essay

Write three research essays in total (minimum 800 words of text each – not including bibliography, titles, or headings). Include material from outside sources; properly cite and include a bibliography. Submit papers in the course Essay Dropbox by the end of the 6th week of class. As you will have six weeks to work on these essays – late papers will not be accepted. Do not submit essays that you have used in other classes. Turnitin Originality detector will mark the similarity and as such, any submissions will not be considered original work.

Each Essay has a maximum score of 15 points. Although short, these papers should be a well-reasoned and presented discussion of the question or task. Two bits of important advice on how to approach the assignment: 1) this is your chance to earn grade points – offer ideas and reasoned opinions on the subject under discussion, not paraphrased content out of the book; and 2) write straightforward discursive text, with correct grammar and spelling – while I value creative writing, the goal here is to present your analysis and interpretation of the subject.

After comparing the class papers, I will score individual paper on several qualities, each with a maximum possible point total:  quality and originality of answer, logic and thoroughness of discussion/presentation (include the application of sociological theory); word count; and accuracy of grammar and spelling: 9 points;  inclusion of direct quotes and/or other information from the relevant textbook chapter in your discussion: 3 points; and  inclusion of direct quotes and/or information from at least one external written sources (e.g., academic journals, edited volumes (something you’d find in a university library). Sources must be able to pass academic scrutiny. (If you aren’t certain – ask or don’t use it) in your essay: 3 points

Note: Digital journal articles found on the web, are acceptable as sources. Journal Databases are merely gateways to accessing acceptable journal articles (e.g. JSTOR, EBSCOhost) and are acceptable. Websites are not acceptable as sources.

*Do not include material from the following: Websites; A textbook other than our course text; Wikipedia (or any type of encyclopedia); Cliff Notes; or Any form of a Dictionary. These are not considered valid sources for the essays. Do not include them as points will be deducted.

You may use your preferred style – MLA, APA, SAA, etc. and include a Bibliography/Works Cited.

You must submit your essays in one of the following formats: *.docx; *.doc; or *.pdf

Paper Topics – Select three questions/topics  Discuss the impact of gender inequality worldwide. Why do economic issues seem to work against the creation of egalitarianism between men and women?  How does retirement vary by gender, race, and social class?  What is globalization and how is it playing a significant role in our lives?  Explain Mead’s theory of social development and the process by which we learn to “take the role of the other.”  Why is there controversy over the source of emotions and whether they are products of biological instinct or products of socialization?  Discuss how mass media and media images affect gender socialization.  Discuss how punishment for a deviant or minor criminal act could actually encourage a person to commit a more serious criminal act, and apply your rationale to discuss how the death penalty could actually encourage some to commit crime.  Discuss the challenges students across the world have regarding access to education. Examine how gender, economic and social inequality, conflict, and other factors from the video and the textbook, have on individual and mass access to education Also, look at what drives people to enroll in school in the first place  How can health be viewed as a social as well as a physical concept?  Explain what collective behavior is and what aspects of collective behavior might interest a sociologist.  What did C. Wright Mills mean by the power elite?  What has been the impact of globalization on the environment?  Explain what is meant by the “hidden curriculum” in our schools. What is the hidden curriculum in a private university as compared to that in a state-supported university?  Discuss how the globalization of capitalism can present cultural hurdles for businesspeople marketing products in other countries.  Given Durkheim’s theory that deviance is inevitable, why is there a need for a more humane approach to dealing with deviance in the United States?  How are the views of functionalists and conflict theorists similar and different regarding health and medicine?  Define and explain the medicalization of society from the three sociological perspectives.  What impact, if any, has access to new technology (email, cell phones, etc.) had on the socialization process?

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